Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mumbai National Park Backlight

Borivali national park –Mumbai (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) is one good location for photographers and painters alike. This is probably the only national park which is situated within city. There is dense forest in the heart of this park and entry is restricted in those areas. But the area which is open to public is not less beautiful. This can be visited round the year. During rains the entire area turns green, during summer you could find entire forest covered with colorful gulmohars .In winters one can go for morning walk to enjoy the season. There is river which flows across national park and the trees bathing in backlight provide great backdrop. This is my attempt to catch that backlight.


sanjeev joshi said...

Hi, Ajay
Our profile is identical except that i am an architect,passionate about many things in life including painting.
I am friends with Prashant prabhu, from your group.
Put some more paintings then i would like to comment on them.
I also indulge in calligraphy, hence keep changing my signature too!!
Keep painting and blogging.

Ajay Patil said...

I went tru archives on your blog and there are very good calligraphy posts in the past. said...

Your work looks beautiful ... I look forward to seeing more of it. I saw your comment on "Car-A-Day" and thought I should check out your work.

Ajay Patil said...

Thanks Paul. I can't probably paint as frequently as you but hope to post painting every sundayprotistr