Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy new year

Wish you very happy 2009.
I want to start this blog with thank you note. As I have mentioned in my profile painting is something I liked since my childhood but never had any formal training. Way back somewhere in 2000 there was exhibition at Nehru center on occasion of centenary of Bombay art society. That’s where I saw watercolor paintings by Chandrakant Mandhre( well known Marathi film actor ) and fall in love with that medium. Over period I got busy with my day to day routine but kept following watercolors thru exhibitions , internet and books. There are lot of resources on internet which guided (and misguided) me over period but its worth mentioning certain sites like which were really helpful. Till few months back I was very happy copying paintings and pictures from book and feeling proud about results. I used to post these paintings on web on sites like and enjoyed critique and appreciation. One morning I was painting landscape at National Park- Mumbai and that’s where I met one artist who introduced me to “Sanskar Bharti’s painting group”. (Sanskar Bharti is National level organization dedicated to cause of different forms of arts )I must thank all members of this group who guided me time to time on different aspects of sketching and painting starting with how to visualize , compose the landscape, doing value sketch and different wash techniques.
The results achieved from use of good quality art material especially for water colors are much better than using inferior or student quality material. I realized this when I got Winsor- Newton water color set as gift from Mandar and Monali. I must thank them, today if my painting is spoiled I can’t blame it on quality of colors :)

Last but not the least. I have to thank my wife, who allows me to spend time on my hobby of painting.

Before I end this note, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Please keep visiting .Your comments are welcome.