Wednesday, August 5, 2009

karvi flower

Once in while it's good exercise to paint something different than your regular liking. I do not like to paint small flower or similar subject as it takes too much of time and not spontaneous. Here is attempt to paint flower from my photo reference. Karvi is shrub which blooms only once in 8 years. This is typically found in Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra . Adivasis use Karvy shrub (dried after cutting) for making walls of their huts.


Art with Liz said...

Flowers Ajay?? You should do more, they are fantastic. At least once every eight years! What an amazing plant.

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Lovely work Ajay.

Prabal said...

Surpise surprise. Nice change and nice job. Can you please tell me what is the surface you have worked on? I mean is it photoshoped or some special kind of paper??

Ajay Patil said...

thanks everyone.
Prabal, Paper is hotpressed and borders are photoshopped.Thanks

workhard said...

Although flowers not my thing..... i painted a rose once and was amazed it came out much better than i expected..

Apart from appreciating ur work..i love the flowers..btw.. i have learnt something about the flower karvi itself..

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