Monday, May 18, 2009

Project NH8

For last 4 to 5 years I had a photography project in mind and I had named it project NH8(National Highway 8). From Mumbai my village is about 90 KMs distance and I drive on this NH8 highway atleast once a month. On this way there are creecks ,one rivers and forests range.This area is beutiful especially during mansoon. I had decided to do photography of all these locations and identified spots too but never clicked a single frame all these years and don't see doing that in future. Instead I painted this one last Sunday on one of those identified locations. Also this happens to be my first full imperial size painting done on the location as against my regular half imperial size paintings. It was jsut to test if I can complete full size painting and I was able to finish this one in about one and half hours


Art with Liz said...

I'm glad you decided to paint the scenes instead of taking photos. This has such a peaceful, gentle air about it. The sky is amazing.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Beautiful painting!And also amazing that you painted this on the spot.Is the place really so quiet and peaceful?

Ajay Patil said...

Thanks Liz.
Place lloks exactly same but I have elimiated few man made objects like electricity poles and brick factory. Its not as quite though as its very close to road