Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kanheri caves

Kanheri Caves are located within Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai. These caves are buddhist viharas ( Vihar- monastery). In Kanheri there are 100 plus caves which are mostly tiny cells that are cut into the edges of a hill. Way to these caves and view of Mumbai from the top is magnificent.


Art with Liz said...

What I love about your work Ajay, is that you bring so much information and history into your art. The entrance to these caves look amazing. You also use colour so brilliantly.

Ajay Patil said...

Thanks Liz. I think I end up writing about places I paint because I am not expert enough to write about painting iteself :)

sanjeev joshi said...

i like your honesty and sense of humour ajay.I am sure you can write about the paintings too.I liked this painting a lot.Vibrant colours,lovely to eyes.keep it up.